And What’s The First Word That Comes To Mind When YOU Think “Ann Coulter”?


Words kind of fail, huh? Well, all but one word. (And, hey, just for fun, try Googling the words ‘ann’, ‘coulter’ and that word you and I both know you’re thinking right now — “about 66,300 hits”, right?)

More on the backlash here, but it’s important to note that among the applauding audience at last Friday’s Conservative Political Action Conference were 2008 Republican presidential hopefuls and all-around good ol’ boys Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (who introduced Coulter), former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Congressman Tom Tancredo, Senator Sam Brownback and former Congressman Duncan Hunter. And let’s not forget the self-loathing-lesbian-spawning Vice President, Dick Cheney.

Applause, people. Laughter and fucking applause.

*Oh, that word to which I referred, above? Let’s go with “pretty”:

Pretty Lady
Very, very superpretty (and lying, racist, queerbaiting) columnist for Universal Press Syndicate.

7 Responses to “And What’s The First Word That Comes To Mind When YOU Think “Ann Coulter”?”

  1. 1 John A

    speaking of the gaybaiter, a somewhat related head-smacking story.
    (link NSFW)

  2. 2 bstewart23

    Awesome! Thanks, John!

  3. 3 tim

    what else can this woman do to get publicity? she brings new meaning to the term ‘media whore’. these are so blatantly obvious ploys to get her name back in the headlines regardless of how she’s viewed. she says something that makes 90% of the population roll their eyes and ‘bam!’ – she’s all over the place in the media she claims to abhor. so why don’t we all just make a pact to ignore her. she can be like the 5 year old girl at the playground screaming ‘LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!!!’ while the rest of us are playing a different ballgame.

  4. 4 yggd

    just…er…c-word or b-word? Because it’s the c-word that comes to MY mind…

  5. 5 stjarna67

    That picture of Ann looks like Eddie (the Iron Maiden mascot) in drag. Her brow alone will keep future archaelogists busy for years.

  6. 6 FD

    I got 93,300, and the first hit was a very amusing one from Urban Dictionary.

  7. 7 FD

    Definitely Cro-Magnon Ann.

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