This Hear: Koss Porta-Pro Headphones


Yes, you can buy better headphones and, yes, you can certainly buy trendier-looking headphones and, yes, you can buy little earbuds which will fall out of your ears if they’re built like mine and your cardio sessions at the gym get pretty aggressive and, yes, you can buy cheaper headphones and, yes, you will be ridiculed by know-nothings who’ll make fun of the size and the retro look of your Koss Porta-Pro Headphones.

But you’re the one who’ll be treated to sound better than you’d expect from a fifty-buck headphone and you’ll be the one who can smugly wear decidedly trend-bucking gear and you’ll be the one who’ll get them replaced for free (plus postage) if they fuck up, no matter what happened to them to bring them to a nonfunctioning state.

The Bourgeoisie and the Rebel

I have two pairs in rotation, use them every day and love them dearly. Feel free to purchase them from the greyest grey-market seller you’d like, since the guarantee is with the manufacturer, not the vendor.

2 Responses to “This Hear: Koss Porta-Pro Headphones”

  1. Budget-minded, trend-bucking audiophile AND hotter than a two-dollar pistol.

    How can one man be so blessed?

  2. 2 David D.

    I just got a pair of these off eBay on your recommendation–and they’re excellent! Thanks very much!

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