No Sense


Toronto’s in rough shape. This month marks twenty years that I’ve been living in Canada’s cultural and financial center, and never have I seen this city look — and operate — so poorly. And the Powers That Be think a cash infusion from the feds will solve the problem more than real, charismatic leadership and vision. Whatev.

So how will they raise awareness and support? This way:

No Sense

The way I see it, this promotion will result primarily in serious head-scratching. One cent? Does that mean one cent from every GST calculation? Or one cent of the six charged as GST when you make a purchase? Common sense dictates the latter, but still: why, if the intent is to draw as many supporters as possible, must uncommon sense be employed to decipher the campaign? Is it really a surprise that in this city — where “good enough” is, sadly, good enough — such an unclear message is broadcast?

2 Responses to “No Sense”

  1. 1 Alice

    Their website’s confusing too, but I found this:

    What do you mean by one cent?
    We pay six cents in GST on every dollar we spend. The campaign asks for one cent of that six cents. For example, if you purchase an item for one dollar, you pay six cents in GST. We are asking for one cent of that six cents to be given back to Canadian cities. If you spend two dollars you pay 12 cents in GST and that would mean that two cents is given back to Canadian cities.

  2. 2 bstewart23

    Thanks, Alice. I’m guessing they were so enraptured by the simplicity of the copper penny’s visual statement that they forgot that one cent != one percent. If the goal is to garner maximum support, is forcing your audience to visit a website — and then dig through that website — really the best route?

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