Green on Thursday #20


George Eads:

George Eads Smiling

5 Responses to “Green on Thursday #20”

  1. 1 tim

    ok….this one was a slamdunk.

  2. 2 vicki

    I don’t understand what “green” means. Or why is this a slamdunk? I am a big George Eads fan, although this particular picture makes me want to force a few pizzas and a chocolate milk shake down his throat. Really…eat something already…anyway…What does this mean?

  3. 3 David D.

    Vicki–see previous “Green on Thursday”s for the answer to your question. I too am a George Eads fan (my bf is like a barnacle attached to the picture tube whenever he’s on, so I’d have to say he’s a somewhat bigger fan); that said, he does look like he’s lost some of the beefcake that made him so appealing. And he’s looking a little grubbier than usual too (not that that’s such a bad thing!).

  4. 4 tim

    so vicki…the whole ‘green on thursday’ thing was an ancient secret code amongst the gays to determine who else was in the ‘club’. so if you wore green on thursday it meant you were a big ‘ol homo. so does that shed light on mr. stewart’s posts? and as for mr. eads – well known in h’wood that he’s head-to-toe in green on thursdays.

  5. 5 bstewart23

    Oh, great, now the gays’re gonna hafta find a new code. Seriously, though, and here’s a giveaway you won’t find me revealing very often: my Green on Thursday “gay” refers to any or all of the “3 Kinds of Gay”, not just the one to which the esteemed Tim has referred.

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