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Y’know, there’s a lot of fun to be had, mocking performance artists, especially the overearnest ones whose acts are superpretentious and hobbled by the fact that the artiste is… noticeably undertalented. None of which can be said of Laurie Anderson, whose blend of pop- and art-rock sensibilities layered familiar signifiers into a potent, subliminal and […]

Y’know, everyone has an opinion about men in Speedos, but leave it to Mel Gibson to put his basket where his mouth is:

“Good.” “I sincerely hope you accomplish exactly what you’re trying to do.” “If I can assist you in your endeavour in any way, by all means, let me know.” Of course, and as usual, context is everything.

You, who walks my neighbour’s dog: Shut up. Yelling in the hallway at the other neighbour’s dog, who barks at you when you come to take W____ for a walk, only makes the situation worse. You think yelling at him will make him stop barking? He only started because he heard you talking at full […]

Toronto’s Yonge & Bloor intersection Canada’s Hudson’s Bay Company department store The Bay (Yonge & Bloor)

It was a miserable spring afternoon in Paris, nearly twenty years ago. A light drizzle driven between the snaps of my windbreaker by strong gusts, as if the elements themselves were mimicking the turmoil within. I was wandering outside the buttresses of Notre Dame Cathedral’s east side, taking photographs and sulking about a past love, […]

Rick Santorum (R) & Bill Frist (R): The answer to your question is “no, this photo never gets tired.”