The Unbearable Ubiquity of Cameron Diaz


Soft Bank 1

Anyone with even the barest awareness of Japanese culture — or who’s seen Lost in Translation — knows that western celebrities are valued highly for their advertising cachet in that country, though one wonders why Brad Pitt was eschewed for Cameron Diaz in the latest campaign for Soft Bank, a cell phone (and communications) retailer. Her mug can be seen from every street corner and, frequently, on monster video screens high above the street, sassily traipsing through Los Angeles using a phone functional only in Japan. You’d think she was on drugs or something.

Soft Bank 2

I’ve seen Ms. Diaz, up close, and such thoroughly retouched imagery (above) is, truly, a feat in itself. The stores themselves are wondrous and, had you never heard of Soft Bank before, you’d think you were passing by a cosmetics outlet. Or that Apple was now making lipstick.

Soft Bank 3

Fun Fact: Soft Bank‘s logo — a stylized equals sign — is also the logo of the Human Rights Campaign.

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