Green on Thursday #26


Ray Comfort: “Hold this, Kirk.”

Former child star and evolution expert Kirk Cameron:

“Notice it has a point at the top for ease of entry, it’s just the right shape for the human mouth.” I would argue, though, that the contents do tend to squirt in your face.

You just can’t watch that clip without auto-porning it, can you?

The above, by the way, is an excerpt from The Way of the Master 7, a compendium of horsehit, faulty logic, verbal dishonesty and outright lies — Darwin believed in god? No, he did not. YOU. FUCKING. LIAR.

4 Responses to “Green on Thursday #26”

  1. 1 Pandora Walbrooke-Marbuy

    I just read a comment by you on Tomato Nation, and I had to pop over and tell you how glad I was to “see” you around, since I used to enjoy your thoughtful posts on the late lamented Fametracker Boards. Glad to see you still exist and all. [/random ex-Fametracker hijack]

  2. 2 bstewart23

    Whoa! Blast from the past! Thanks so much for the comment and very kind words, PW-M, I remember your very funny posts well!

  3. 3 Kerstin

    The athiest’s nightmare…bananas. I know I wake up with a mortal scream every night just thinking about them.

  4. 4 ordgddss

    Wow. That is so many levels of stupid.

    How about an apple? Or orange? Or, even worse, coconuts and pineapples? Did G-d not mean for humans to consume those, since they’re not conveniently banana-shaped or, in some cases, easily peeled? By the same “logic”, humans should just stop it with the eating of meat, because animals aren’t banana-shaped either. Or, for the most part, easily peeled.

    It’s a good thing I’m not an atheist. I can’t imagine fearing the oh-so-wonderful banana.

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