This Should Be Fun


Why should anyone be afraid of something that doesn’t exist?

abc Nightline
ABC Nightline, 9 May 2007

Hey, while we’re at it…

Atheist vs. Loudmouthed Jerkwad

Memo to amazon dot cah: where the hell is my copy of Christopher Hitchen’s God is Not Great? I mean, I could’ve picked a copy up at Coles two weeks ago, fercryinoutloud.

3 Responses to “This Should Be Fun”

  1. 1 Skippy

    It’s so depressing watching a smug asswipe like Bill O’Reilly spouting off such absolute moronic drivel, still being paid millions and still feeling that he himself is right.

  2. 2 Champ

    It’s so sweet that Kirk Cameron wants to save non-believers from an eternity of damnation. How selfless of Kirk to spend his precious time doing whatever he can to convince the misguided and lost souls that a better life awaits them if they only put their [blind] faith in a fairy tale! It’s so easy and yet it seems that Kirk is running into many brick walls.

    Note to Kirk – just because a “few” [billion] people don’t buy into your god, and just because they don’t live the life that you feel they should, doesn’t make them bad people or destined for a life in your imaginary hell. And Kirk, the only way you are going to convince a sane person that your god exists is with something called “proof”. Your help was not asked for, nor wanted, so just keep your mythical beliefs to yourself. You’re making yourself look foolish.

    Best of luck, Kirk.

  3. 3 TotalLunaChick

    What bothers me the most about Dicksmack O’Lie-ly is that he doesn’t even try to have a thoughtful discussion with Richard Dawkins. (Is is wrong that I find Dawkins kind of hot? Yes? Okay, moving on). O’Reilly talks over him, lies outright and bloviates his way through what could have been a really interesting discussion about the nature of faith.

    I was raised in a Quaker household, and consider myself in the “There is a higher power, but I have no idea what/who it is” camp. I love listening to smart, cool Atheists partly because it allows me to really ponder what my beliefs are and what they mean to me. Questions and debate are a wonderful thing.

    p.s. I *heart* your site.

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