Awesomest Business Concept Ever


Post-Rapture Post card

Check out The Post-Rapture Post, whose atheist owners promise to deliver post-Rapture messages from the saved to the damned for as little as $4.99. Fucking brilliant. Be sure to check out the Testimonials and, if so inclined, drool a bit over cute ‘n’ nerdy founder Josh Witter. Absofuckinglutely brilliant.

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4 Responses to “Awesomest Business Concept Ever”

  1. 1 Joshua

    Just perusing the blogosphere when I came across your comment. I’m glad you like my picture, sadly I have a girlfriend. Thanks for linking to me!

    Post-Rapture Post

  2. 2 bstewart23

    Joshua, I couldn’t be flattered more. If there was a god, I’d hope you make a million dollars. Since there isn’t, I hope you make a bazillion dollars. You rock hard, no matter which team you play for, and give your girlfriend a big, ol’ hug from the friendly folks at Team TTNO…

  3. 3 David D.

    *Sadly* he has a girlfriend? I’m sure she’s not too sad about it, given that a) he’s cute and obviously smart; b) there is no God; and c) he’s going to make a bazillion dollars.

    I’m almost sad that there won’t be a rapture though–the people who believe in it are exactly the ones I want removed from this earth right this instant.

  4. 4 Joshua

    Good luck to you as well!

    Post-Rapture Post

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