Say It.


Come on, you were thinking it.

You were thinking about all of the families torn apart by hate-fueled rhetoric.

You were thinking about all the women harangued because they made their own minds up over what they wanted to do with some tissue growing inside their own bodies.

You were thinking about all the children going to school and learning less science and more myth.

You were thinking about all the gays and lesbians who were shunned by their families. And all the gays and lesbians who shunned their families for fear of being shunned themselves, if they were honest about who they really were.

You were thinking about all of the political indignities visited on the American public as a direct result of the campaigning by the religious right in the past thirty years, leading to many American lives lost in wars supporting the ideologies springing from that support.

You were thinking of all the people dying of AIDS who’d never even had a homosexual thought in their lives, yet were told that their infection was as a result of American tolerance of homosexuality.

You were thinking about the dignity of America diminished worldwide, because the moronic chatter of fire-and-brimstone evangelicals — and the power they wield — inevitably cast all Americans in an unfavourable light.

You were thinking about the blasphemous blaming of pagans, abortionists, feminists, gays and lesbians, the ACLU and People For the American Way for the tragedy on September 11th, 2001. And then you remembered the chickenshit “apology” which followed, in which the aforementioned were blamed not for the bombing itself, but for causing Sky Dad to remove “the veil of security” from America.

You were thinking about all the evil bile spewed, the lives made more miserable, the suicides, the families torn apart, the institutionalization of myth, the corruption of church-state separation and of all the horrible crap that’s been the inevitable fallout from all of the above.

You were thinking that it’s a pity Jerry Falwell won’t learn that heaven is populated by many of the souls he described as sinners. Nor will he be suffering in the hell he described for them, and which he so richly deserves himself. He’s just dead.

You were thinking about a fat, smug, intolerant, lying, scheming, belligerent, hypocritical, evil, hateful, fucking FUCK, dying alone in his office yesterday.

And you thought…


So come on, say it. You were thinking it anyway: the world is a better place today than it was yesterday.

24 Responses to “Say It.”

  1. 1 Charles

    Well that is EXACTLY the one word that I said when i heard the news.

    The rest is brilliantly said.

  2. 2 Jon

    Amen! Er… word. A voice of hatred and bigotry has now been forever silenced.

  3. 3 Wheeliecrone

    Okay. The silly old man is dead now. Let’s see how fast we can forget all the foolish things he said.
    If Mr Falwell was correct about there being a God – don’t you know that he is involved in an enormous “Please explain!” session right about now?

  4. 4 Trasherati

    That is EXACTLY what I said. Followed by “That was NOT a life well-lived.”

  5. 5 Jenn

    I actually thought “Thank God, he’s going to hell where he belongs.”

  6. 6 David D.

    “Good” is an understatement.

  7. 7 JessicaR

    Yeah I tried to think of something more Christian than “good riddance” but yeah, “good riddance”.

  8. 8 Rae

    I was thinking *most* of that.

    As I explained it to a friend who knew nothing about him: “When people say the Christian Right is neither, they’re talking about that guy.”

  9. 9 Kerstin

    I flashed back to Larry Flynt calling him “Jerry Fartwell” and giggled.

  10. 10 adam

    this is a great read, thank you for this.

    i thought “it’s about time” when i heard the news of jerry farwell. but i think what someone i know said on this is about right:
    “to be honest, this news is really bad for lewis black. he’s lost a big part of his routine

  11. 11 kitty

    I didn’t think it. I said it out loud. Actually, no; what I said was, “Falwell’s dead! Hooray!”

    There were others in the room. Nobody disagreed or shushed me, or reproved me for ‘speaking ill of the dead.’ This was a relief to me in many more ways than one.

  12. 12 LP

    Actually, when I heard my reaction was only a two-parter: 1. “How did he die?” (the answer given was “God smote-ed him in the heart!”) and 2. “Well, ding-dong the witch is dead!”

    Then I had to explain to my room-mates why I was singing a song from The Wizard of Oz, who Jerry Farewell (mua haha) was and why I was glad he was dead.

  13. 13 rora

    I guess my “phew!” was a little feeble compared to that, but still: “phew! – at least he can’t do any MORE damage.”

  14. 14 the Gimp

    I turned on the TV and right away, it was announced on CNN. I threw up my fists and shouoted WOO-HOO ! ! !
    Then I posted a bit on my site about him. (as well as copy-pasted to another site I contribute to.)

    I actually wrote : “I only wish he was stuck in a burning car, surrounded by furiously copulating homosexuals, while a black lesbian coven ripped out and ate his half-roasted heart.”

    He was less than human and justified his hate with a religious façade and title.

  15. 15 ordgddss

    I guess I’m different from the average bear. I didn’t think, “Good,” or “Yea!” or “It’s about fucking time!” or variants thereof. I got a little sad, but only because death always makes me a little sad. It’s just the way I’m built, I guess.

    Don’t get me wrong. I couldn’t stand him and, on occasion, thought violent thoughts about that hate-filled pustule and those of his ilk.

    Maybe I’m just more savage in some ways, because I would have preferred a more fitting come-uppance for him. Loss of voice and mobility (so that he couldn’t continue to spew his hate-filled version of Christianity) would have been more preferable, with freaking universe-sized public humiliation as luscious frosting.

    Maybe I just think death is too good for him.

  16. 16 missbanshee

    As someone who really wants to believe in an afterlife, I want to believe that as he keeled over in his office, an amazingly fabulous drag queen appeared to him and said “Old man? You are FUCKED” right before the hateful old bigot went to an entirely horrible place.

    And if there isn’t an afterlife, I just say “Good riddance.”

  17. 17 Michelle

    It’s a victory for rationality & civility, as far as I’m concerned. Even if only by attrition, the world is now a kinder, saner place.

    (Also? Hi! I remember you from the FT forums but I didn’t know until mere moments ago that you had this blog. Consider yourself bookmarked. Hope you’re well.)

  18. I am not happy about his death, nor am I unhappy, it just is, there is only one door out of this world I know of………..regardless, kudos for your fine example of freedom of speech which equals courage in this day and age.

  19. 19 vinceworld

    As with many of your other readers, you are EXACTLY right! That’s the exact word I used when I first heard the news that he had passed.

  20. 20 funtime42

    My first reaction was a smile. I thought it was a small, private joke kind of smile until my office mate asked me why I looked like the Grinch ready to raid Whoville… I didn’t know how he died, but I hoped lightening was involved.

  21. 21 DinerGirl

    I “WHOOOTT”ed.

  22. 22 Derek

    Praise Jesus.

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