Green on Thursday #27


Don’t ask. Seriously. And I wish the quality of the clip was better. And that the ad wasn’t for a financial institution. Didn’t I say “don’t ask”? Honestly, the only reason for the Green-on-Thursday inclusion of this clip is the ridiculous hotness of “Jeff”:

Jeff may be “programmed for success” but he goes to bed alone between those trendy sheets. That ain’t right.

But it is a stunning departure from the usual crap television advertising we see in Canada, in which Typical Canadian Man is below-average in looks, fitness level and, always, intelligence. And is easily flummoxed by the simplest of tasks, like weeding the front lawn or cleaning the kitchen floor. So big ups to Jeff.

3 Responses to “Green on Thursday #27”

  1. 1 Charles

    Um… no… I think you’re stretching it a little for this week’s entry.
    Slightly creepy robot guy is quite average.

  2. 2 bstewart23

    I take comfort, Charles, in the realization that if we were both single we could go out on the prowl together and not be stepping on each other’s… toes.

  3. 3 ordgddss

    Gotta side with our lovely host – Jeff is hot. The commercial is a bit creepy, but Jeff is a lovely bit of eye candy. Yum.

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