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And so it was that Champ and I attended the Inside Out Festival screening of Dead Boyz Don’t Scream tonight. (insert “Brokebrain Mountain” joke here) Our expectations were adjusted appropriately (downward) by perusing the film’s website beforehand. And it’s always fun to go to Inside Out screenings, to run into pals-we-haven’t-seen-for-some-time and congregate in a […]

An Open Letter To Anyone Even Contemplating Trying To Convince Me To Go On A Gay Cruise Dear You, I know you mean well, really, but don’t. Just… don’t. I’m glad you had a terrific time on your gay cruise — and I say that without a trace of irony or sarcasm — but for […]

No Control!


It was a week of high-intensity stupidity, featuring the parents of a three-year-old girl who were “unable” to secure her in an airline seat, and were subsequently ejected from the flight. Ridiculously low airline fares have effectively brought those better-suited for bus travel into airports, so it’s unreasonable to expect a flight without some sort […]

As the years progress, I’m finding it increasingly hard to maintain my inner (and outer) “wolf” — and stave off “bear” — especially when the formerly-acceptable descriptive “musclebear” starts to look like delusional wishful thinking on the part of most who wield the term. Nonetheless, it’s refreshing to see that some big, hairy homos are […]

Top Ten Breakfast Cereal Names Which Could Also Be Gay Porn Titles: Body Buddies (General Mills) G.I. Joe Action Stars (Ralston Purina) Golden Grahams (General Mills) Cocoa Pops (Kellogg’s) / Apple Jacks (Kellogg’s) — tie Ranger Joe Popped Wheat Honnies (Nabisco) Grape Nuts (Post) Trio (Nestle) Cream of Wheat (Nabisco) Rice Cream Flakes (Nabisco) Sunny […]

Decided by a group shaving at the sinks at my gym this morning — we need a new sign in the locker room: “Due to unprecedented damage to the ceramic floor tiles, the wearing of optimistically-sized metal cockrings in the shower room will be prohibited until further notice.”

That’s the answer Bill Maher gave Larry King this week when asked “why would someone who is gay take public, anti-gay positions? Why would you do that?”. They were talking, of course, about self-loathing Republican dicks like Mark Foley, Ted Haggard and — boy, no surprise here — outgoing Republican National Committee chairthing Ken Mehlman. […]