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Toronto’s Yonge & Bloor intersection Canada’s Hudson’s Bay Company department store The Bay (Yonge & Bloor)

As if it was possible to love David Lynch any more: Courtesy Defamer.

The Poetic Colossal Man, towering over cars and trees, tosses a giant butt into the drain (above).

Anyone with even the barest awareness of Japanese culture — or who’s seen Lost in Translation — knows that western celebrities are valued highly for their advertising cachet in that country, though one wonders why Brad Pitt was eschewed for Cameron Diaz in the latest campaign for Soft Bank, a cell phone (and communications) retailer. […]

No Sense


Toronto’s in rough shape. This month marks twenty years that I’ve been living in Canada’s cultural and financial center, and never have I seen this city look — and operate — so poorly. And the Powers That Be think a cash infusion from the feds will solve the problem more than real, charismatic leadership and […]

Oh, Bay Street. Arguably the most recognizable street name in Canada, it inspires both reverence and disdain, depending on your geographic and economic position. Within Toronto, it’s home to some of the most stunning, iconic architecture in the city, from visionaries like Mies van der Rohe and IM Pei. Also some of the most nightmarishly […]

Positively Lame


We started noticing it fifteen or so years ago, when ads in gay newspapers featured the lamest possible artwork — usually credited (!) with “Image by Jaysonne Smytth” or somesuch, clearly indicating a barely-legal boyfriend’s expertise — but an insert in yesterday’s Toronto Star — the largest-circulation newspaper in Canada — gave us pause: From […]