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Study for Jacob Wrestling the Angel (Léon Joseph-Florentine Bonnat, 1876)

Don’t ask. Seriously. And I wish the quality of the clip was better. And that the ad wasn’t for a financial institution. Didn’t I say “don’t ask”? Honestly, the only reason for the Green-on-Thursday inclusion of this clip is the ridiculous hotness of “Jeff”: Jeff may be “programmed for success” but he goes to bed […]

Ray Comfort: “Hold this, Kirk.” Former child star and evolution expert Kirk Cameron: “Notice it has a point at the top for ease of entry, it’s just the right shape for the human mouth.” I would argue, though, that the contents do tend to squirt in your face. You just can’t watch that clip without […]

Happy “Mission Accomplished” Day! 1 May 2003

Y’know, everyone has an opinion about men in Speedos, but leave it to Mel Gibson to put his basket where his mouth is:

Rick Santorum (R) & Bill Frist (R): The answer to your question is “no, this photo never gets tired.”

Carter Oosterhouse: Because there’s little evidence that a home renovator really needs a stylist. Also that Carter Oosterhouse really needs a stylist. Also also? Dreeeamy.