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So, our hotel room in Tokyo wasn’t exactly the multimedia cornucopia we’d expected, with but a handful of stations available on our flatscreen. It was probably a good thing, since the hypnotic allure of Japanese television is overwhelming, with its endless cooking shows, clownlike talk-show hosts and sparkly chimes whenever words are superimposed on the […]

The gym was pleasantly uncrowded this morning, probably due to the big Mr. Leather Toronto party tonight. The denizens of Toronto’s leather community population are no doubt waiting until the last possible moment to pursue their Party Pump because, hey, maybe the extra muscle mass you’ll gain by delaying your workout by just six hours […]

Why do I watch CTV National News before going to bed? I’m serious: why? After a delightful evening with my English pal King Jack — who revealed with great dismay that BBC News led their broadcasts last week with (what else?) the Madonna adoption “story” — I caught this week’s (awesome!) Heroes and, as usual, […]

We don’t expect much from breakfast television in general — and CITY-TV’s Breakfast Television in particular — but this morning may have been a watershed moment in its steady decline toward preliterate programming. Local early-morning news is never pretty — Toronto’s CTV affiliate starts the day off with last night’s late-news broadcast — and, for […]

Continuing an informal competition between Canada and the United States of America, based on a series of completely arbitrary, wildly unfair and predictably mean-spirited criteria. #7: Getting the Real Story Evidence: Toronto Sun 12/10/2006 | New York Post 12/10/2006 You know, nothing reveals a culture’s psyche quite so nakedly as the way the popular media […]

Posted in the lobby, hallways and elevators of my building: To: All Residents Please be advised that in an effort to minimize: Debris scattered throughout the building Residents being disturbed The risk of practical jokes being played on children The management, as in the past, is prohibiting the children from “trick or treating” door to […]

So, there I was, happily sweating my ass off in the cardio section of the gym this morning, and who should appear on CBS Sunday Morning but former Nixon speechwriter, undertalented actor and faux-intellectual homophobe Ben Stein. He’s still carping about the Mark Foley scandale, but this time he’s not drawing lunatic parallels between homosexuality […]