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Holy Crap


Indulge me for a moment, please, I’ll get to my point shortly. I paid a rare visit to Toronto’s gaybourhood yesterday morning for my triweekly haircut and, since the daily newspapers were all taken by the other patrons crowding my barber shop, I opted to pick up the latest issue of Fab (“The Gay Scene […]

Say It.


Come on, you were thinking it. You were thinking about all of the families torn apart by hate-fueled rhetoric. You were thinking about all the women harangued because they made their own minds up over what they wanted to do with some tissue growing inside their own bodies. You were thinking about all the children […]

What better way to end TTNO’s informal Atheism Week — like this week is different from any other week! God!!! — than with cute, Jewishy Sasha Baron Cohen as Bruno, facing off against an evangelical tastemaker: So, yeah, the best (and most satisfying) response to the ridiculous rantings of religious types who judge (and legislate) […]

Richard Dawkins Sitting at #73 in the TIME Magazine 100 (“the 100 men and women whose power, talent or moral example is transforming the world”) is one of my heroes, Richard Dawkins. Brilliant, fearless, erudite, articulate, impassioned, clever, polite, charming and very, very funny, Dawkins is a writer of remarkable clarity and a noble crusader […]

Check out The Post-Rapture Post, whose atheist owners promise to deliver post-Rapture messages from the saved to the damned for as little as $4.99. Fucking brilliant. Be sure to check out the Testimonials and, if so inclined, drool a bit over cute ‘n’ nerdy founder Josh Witter. Absofuckinglutely brilliant.

Why should anyone be afraid of something that doesn’t exist? ABC Nightline, 9 May 2007 Hey, while we’re at it… Atheist vs. Loudmouthed Jerkwad Memo to amazon dot cah: where the hell is my copy of Christopher Hitchen’s God is Not Great? I mean, I could’ve picked a copy up at Coles two weeks ago, […]

Ray Comfort: “Hold this, Kirk.” Former child star and evolution expert Kirk Cameron: “Notice it has a point at the top for ease of entry, it’s just the right shape for the human mouth.” I would argue, though, that the contents do tend to squirt in your face. You just can’t watch that clip without […]