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And so it was that Champ and I attended the Inside Out Festival screening of Dead Boyz Don’t Scream tonight. (insert “Brokebrain Mountain” joke here) Our expectations were adjusted appropriately (downward) by perusing the film’s website beforehand. And it’s always fun to go to Inside Out screenings, to run into pals-we-haven’t-seen-for-some-time and congregate in a […]

Holy Crap


Indulge me for a moment, please, I’ll get to my point shortly. I paid a rare visit to Toronto’s gaybourhood yesterday morning for my triweekly haircut and, since the daily newspapers were all taken by the other patrons crowding my barber shop, I opted to pick up the latest issue of Fab (“The Gay Scene […]

Consider: Shortly after New Year’s Day 1999, Toronto was hit — along with a large portion of northeastern North America — by a massive snowstorm, effectively shutting the city down. Then-Mayor (and International Joke for Life) Mel Lastman panicked and called in the army because, hey, the city’s own snow-removal budget (and personnel (and equipment)) […]

What better way to end TTNO’s informal Atheism Week — like this week is different from any other week! God!!! — than with cute, Jewishy Sasha Baron Cohen as Bruno, facing off against an evangelical tastemaker: So, yeah, the best (and most satisfying) response to the ridiculous rantings of religious types who judge (and legislate) […]

Why should anyone be afraid of something that doesn’t exist? ABC Nightline, 9 May 2007 Hey, while we’re at it… Atheist vs. Loudmouthed Jerkwad Memo to amazon dot cah: where the hell is my copy of Christopher Hitchen’s God is Not Great? I mean, I could’ve picked a copy up at Coles two weeks ago, […]

Happy “Mission Accomplished” Day! 1 May 2003

You, who walks my neighbour’s dog: Shut up. Yelling in the hallway at the other neighbour’s dog, who barks at you when you come to take W____ for a walk, only makes the situation worse. You think yelling at him will make him stop barking? He only started because he heard you talking at full […]